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I specialise in designing and building websites using the innovative and award winning Concrete5 Content Management System (CMS). A CMS website enables you to look after your own website content, updating page text and photos or publishing blog articles without any specialist website coding knowledge. Basically if you can use a word processor you can use a CMS! 

What I offer

  • Content managed website design and build using the Concrete 5 CMS system
  • Bespoke design, unique to your website and perfectly aligned to you corporate identity
  • Onsite, or phone training with a bespoke user manual tailored to the common tasks you do
  • Cutting edge website design which works across popular mobile, tablet and desktop devices
  • Comprehensive on-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - ensuring your site is Google friendly for positive ranking
  • High quality website hosting based on a dedicated server, fully backed-up and housed a large UK data centre exclusively for my clients sites

What I don’t do 

  • I don’t build sites with Wordpress - although I am happy to help with updating content on an existing Wordpress or Joomla site
  • I usually don’t work with off the shelf templates unless budgets are particularly tight
  • I’m not a back-end developer or PHP programmer and don’t take on large complex builds - although I am happy to partner with an existing developer to offer my front-end design skills

Who do I work for

The majority of my work is undertaken through marketing, design or PR agencies who sub contract my services to supplement their own team skills. I also work for clients direct, specialising in working for small to median sized businesses or organisations and start-ups.


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