One of the most rewarding aspect of being a graphic designer is working with a business start-up to build a new brand identity. This highly crucial ingredient of starting a new business gives your company a ‘personality’ and builds recognition in the marketplace. 

A typical requirement for a start-up includes:

  • Brand / logo
  • Business cards
  • Electronic letterhead (i.e. a Word template)
  • Website - either content managed or basic flat file

Brand / logo

A strong company logo which is memorable and appropriate for you target audience can be a major factor in the success or your venture. It creates trust and recognition with your customers and suppliers, supports your marketing and advertising activity and inspires your employees. With my start-up business package you will receive your finished logo in a variety of formats. JPEGs for desktop applications like Word and email signatures, PNG for PowerPoint and EPS for commercial print, advertising and signage/display panels. I also supply a ‘Brand Guidelines” sheet giving you recommendations for correct usage and placement of the logo, colour breakdowns and typefaces used. Having your amazing new logo is one thing, but using it correctly and consistently is important in preserving its effectiveness.

Business cards

In this electronic age, there is still a role for the good old business card within the working environment. They form an introduction to your business or service, giving it a sense of professionalism and legitimacy.  

Electronic letterhead

I find an electronic letterhead template suits a lot of small start-ups as it cuts down on commercial print costs and makes it convenient to print on-demand at the same time as your written communication. Obviously you need a reasonable quality desktop printer (inkjet or laser) but most business will need one of these anyway. I can design and setup a Word template that you can use as part of your corporate communications - desktop printing or saving as a PDF and sending by email.


I can’t think of many ventures that wouldn’t benefit from a well designed website for building and maintaining your business. A bespoke website, designed just for you and your uniques business needs is a major asset. Most of your potential clients will use the internet to both find solutions for their business needs and check you out as a possible supplier or partner. I offer two types of website build - a Content Managed solution (the most popular) where you can take control of your own site, doing your own updates and page changes. The second is a ‘Flat File’ site which is just a standard HTML coded website - you can’t easily change it yourself unless you are familiar with HTML coding, and FTPing the updated files to the web server. In this case I will do the changes for you for a small fee - ok if you don’t change things too often. 

What else?

In addition to the basics above I can design and supply:

  • leaflets and brochures 
  • PowerPoint templates 
  • Email communications 
  • Print advertising,
  • Signage and display systems

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